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Disclaimer : I care and because I want to.

Houston Dynamo home



In a nutshell : Finally, a Houston kit with some real character

houston-2015-homeReally digging the gradient of orange down to the white at the bottom and the diamond/fence pattern pinstripe print of the shirt.  Very happy to see them drop the awkward “Space City Blue” that they use in their badge.  It’s terrible.

Here’s a team that could do a better job of using the Raven Black (or a better shade of it) as their trim, just to break it up.  Collar and cuffs, especially.  Maybe throw some of it into the V-neck collar as it is an ordinary white.

I’m not against state pride, but I don’t feel the state flag was necessary as a jock tag at the bottom right of the shirt.  Could’ve been a neat opportunity to “Houston” up the state flag and use the clubs colours (then sell that flag at games).  It draws the eye away from the shirt as a whole, and I can’t imagine “Texas” being more important than “Houston”, since there is another side from the state in the league.

Get if : you’ve been waiting for something interesting you would be proud to wear on non-game days

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