Episode 438 – 23/02/01 #JustinMorrow #blackTiePodcasting

The gang is half here for this special episode live from the BMO Training Ground where we talk to TFC LEGEND JUSTIN MORROW and TFC President Bill Manning about stuff and things with them, as well as talk some CanPL schedules, Voyageurs Cup draw, #TFClive signings (still!) and limited malarkey. In this episode, Kristin gushed unapologetically, Mark wants to do football weekend locally just once, and Justin can’t do karaoke for his life, apparently.

Show Rundown

  • Segment 1: What’s been happening (3m00s)
  • Segment 2: What we’re talking about (20m45s)
  • Justin Morrow (56m20s)
  • Segment 3: What’s coming up (1h21m28s)

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Author: Mark Hinkley

Mark is a full-time graphic designer, full-time smart ass and full-time logo, stadium and kit nerd. When he isn't writing ridiculous match reports or redesigning logos for his own amusement, he's salivating over the day that promotion and relegation occurs in MLS. You can follow him @kitnerdmark on the twitterz.

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1 Comment

  1. What’s with all this Canadian soccer talk? It’s February! Not expecting a Morrow interview! At best I thought maybe an interview with the guy who shovels snow near BMO Field…

    I was expecting long weird offshoot conversations. I have good money for irrelevant tangents, legal tender I say! I have a stash of Canadian Tire money just waiting to be sent to Vocal Minority’s studio.

    What wonders await you at your local Canadian Tire? Perhaps a fishing rod, to catch a big one? Maybe a container for those two milk bags you hold in your hands? Or some fine china to display that cream pie you are so proud of? Looking through the bright store something might take your fancy. Just beyond the next corner, something special you dared not dream of… You entered those store doors with a broken spirit and a deflated tire but you left with your soul lifted and filled to the brim…

    Wait, don’t tell me you want Garber Bucks instead?!

    That will only get you a few supplemental draft picks. Those castaways should be mooroned on a deserted island if you ask me! Those hopeless lost souls can’t find their way back. They are probably happier their anyway…

    Speaking of which did you know their is a crossover episode of ALF in which he dreams of being on Gilligan’s Island? Strange but true! That’s not even the weirdest Gilligan’s Island crossover. Their was a special in the early 80’s, TV movie I think. The Harlem globetrotters basketball team play against robots on the Island! I swear I am not making that up, lets just say TV producers snorted copious amounts of white powder back then…

    What is your show about again? Oh yes, Diary packaging podcast. Your titillating talk on a previous show of “one hole or two” opened the eyes of this nation, wide open some would say. I suggest a viewer discretion warning for your YouTube video…

    Can you imagine those heathens across the border drink their putrid milk from gallon jugs! Why won’t those Yankee doodie dandies use the metric system? While they scarf down their morning bowl of lucky charms, they probably would rant that the metric system is a satanic plot from the Globalist agenda headed by Doctor Evil and his cabal of foreign billionaires. They want no part in that diabolical metric system!

    But they don’t see the real issue in front of them.”Magicaly delicious,” the Leprechaun sings. Its magic for sure… that they somehow managed to dump a truck load of sugar into such a small box.

    Don’t Americans know Leprechauns are evil? Just watch any of the Leprechaun movies from the 90’s for proof!

    Look at the reflection in the bowl…. that hideous beast, is a pudgy human with gingivitis! Don’t be fooled by the rainbow and talk of following it to a pot of gold. You will follow the rainbow to a parade, not the Pride parade but a long line to the dentist office!

    Speaking of the Pride parade, I say when when the World Cup comes to Canada it should be during Pride festivities! As the Qatari national team is warming up for kick off… The festive sounds and a gay shin dig full of glitter and raibow flags. They come prancing into BMO Field. And what’s this?! It’s Mitsou riding a unicorn singing her LGBT friendly song, “Everybody say love.”

    But why are the Qatari team closing their eyes? What are they afraid of seeing? Maybe they are afraid of what they might see in themselves…

    They should run all the way back home. Away from those crazy Canucks. Run to bed and pull those sheets over their heads, dream of a tranquil place. Maybe being marooned on a deserted island. And so what if they dream of the Skipper with his huge fishing rod?! It’s nothing to be ashamed of! Your only human after all, not some Alien Life Form.

    I myself admit to dreaming of trying to grab Ginger’s coconuts and chasing Mary Anne for her sweet warm coconut cream pie. It means nothing! I say, nothing at all! Its just a silly dream! Stop looking at me that way…

    I am running home! I don’t want to see your accusing eyes..

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