Episode 96 – 15/07/15 #HatersGonnaHaiti

vm_podcast_1400x1400The gang’s all here as we reminisce over NYCFC, look ahead to Gold Cup and a visit from Philadelphia this weekend. In this episode, Mark wants to answers to an initial, Kristin makes a sweet callback, Tony makes the western British countryside proud, and current Duncan makes old Duncan seem like an eternal optimist.

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MLS might shun Giovinco for the All-Star Game, but we will never shun you on itunes.

This weeks #BitchyBlank is : Giovinco put the team on his back and earned a draw. _______ put the team on his back and ___________. DOUBLE BLANK! (*80s metal guitar riff here*)

Author: Mark Hinkley

Mark is a full-time graphic designer, full-time smart ass and full-time logo, stadium and kit nerd. When he isn't writing ridiculous match reports or redesigning logos for his own amusement, he's salivating over the day that promotion and relegation occurs in MLS. You can follow him @kitnerdmark on the twitterz.

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  1. Some comments/questions:

    1) Were those dice fuzzy?

    2) McNamara was offside before he handled the ball. Then again, Seba hid-out about 20 yards offside on one of his goals, so we were playing Yankee Stadium/Unkel rules.

    3) So I wasn’t the only one expecting more from just about every Canadian national football team, after all.

    4) Findley is the czar of running away from the opposition’s net with the ball and worth every penny for it. He maybe a future Canadian national team manager in the making.

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    • Oh forgot – Devon Martin, 20th Century Rebels

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