THE STARTING 11: Other Key Dates in MLS’ Offseason

“With the 3rd Pick in the 2016 MLS SuperVillainDraft… “

“With the 3rd Pick in the 2016 MLS SuperVillainDraft… “

A few days back, Major League Soccer released their calendar of key offseason events. Kudos really to the league for resisting the no doubt burning desire to call it the “OFF! Bug Spray Offseason Calendar” Glad to see some things stay sacred. Keeping fan interest through the post-season is always a challenge and MLS is doing their darndest to get people hyped for… er… public re-entry draft lists. Despite being a pretty packed winter schedule, the league did seem to forget a few other pressing dates that you definitely need to mark on your wall-size Don Garber swimsuit calendar…

11. New D.C. Stadium Announcement Eve

10. The bi-weekly “Beckham in Miami: This Time It’s For Realz” photoshoots

9. The Don Garber Full Moon

8. 2016 MLS SuperDraft

7. 2016 MLS SuperVillainDraft

6. The traditional “TFC Shoots Their Load in Stage One of the Re-Entry Draft” viewing party

5. The Resurrection of Kreis

4. The Annual Rule Change for LA Galaxy’s Benefit

3. The expansion to eight new markets

2. Players not selected in the Re-Entry Draft hunted for sport by the league’s wealthiest owners

1. Orthodox Waiver Draft

Author: Tony Walsh

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