THE STARTING 11: Toronto FC Reality TV Shows



When TFC announced that Juan Pablo Galavis would be one of the players taking part in this past weekend’s Dwayne De Rosario Testimonial Match, it was met with a wide array of LOL’s and ROFL’s. No disrespect to Mr. Galavis’ football career which saw him navigate through CONMEBOL’s mushy middle but his inclusion seemed far more to do with him being a former reality TV “star”. You see, Galavis was formerly on The Bachelor. Or The Bachelorette. Or Bachelors vs Bachelorettes: The Revenge. We don’t know – some cringeworthy rubbish with hot tubs and roses. Anyhoops, TFC has now opened a door and perhaps it is time for the club to expand into the realm of reality TV with these prospective titles…

11. American International Idol

10. Extreme Stadium Makeover: CFL Edition

9. Canada’s Next Top Adrian Cann

8. Survivor: Manager’s Office

7. So You Think You Can Pass

6. I’m a Defoe… Get Me Out of Here!

5. The Bitchy Whisperer

4. The Real Housewives of the Tunnel Club

3. Collin Samuel’s Kitchen Nightmares

2. Keeping Up with The Konopkas

1. Buck Dyna$ty

Author: Tony Walsh

Tony Walsh is a writer, former minor-league broadcaster and failed astronaut. Born into supporting an underachieving football club only to end up supporting a second underachieving football club - through what must be deemed as soft immigration policies - he continues to make terrible life choices. Walsh is a keen observer of the malarkey-rife sport of football and is considered one of the leading voices on the Collin Samuel Obesity Epidemic.

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  1. As discussed on the twitters, my entries:

    The (MLS Coaching) Apprentice

    Undercover Boss with Michael Bradley posing as a player instead of the coach

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    • You’re not supposed to make this gig look easy!

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      • At any other club it probably wouldn’t be

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