The South Couch Report: New England Revolution vs Toronto FC

New England Revolution as the Tea Men

New England Revolution as the Tea Men

Your regular South Couch updater Mark is absent so Duncan again takes the reins from his East Side Couch. Last time this happened was against new England as well, Mark’s clearly terrified of the the Gillette Stadium pitch.

Injuries, suspensions and 11 goals conceded in our last 3 away games, that’s the backdrop here, what exactly will Greg Vanney do with it. Will we see the 3-5-2 given another run out or will it be time for a new bright idea to be given a try? New England sadly seem to be coming out of their slump, unbeaten in 2 games now, though a draw against Chicago is hardly something to celebrate.  Still though, a draw here would be a decent result. If Giovinco’s not playing a draw might qualify as a minor miracle.

Here’s the starting lineup and Giovinco is there. Huzzah.

So then, the 4-4-2 is back. Instability has got to help right?  Jackson at right back? Got to be better than Creavalle you’d  think, but there’s problems waiting to happen there, I look forward to Greg Vanney blaming Jackson in his post game comments.

Interested to see how Kantari does, and also very interested to see how this midfield works. I’ll presume the diamond, Cheyrou at the back, Delgado at the top and Osorio and Findley wide. That’s a big downgrade from Warner defensively, let’s hope Findley can do something when it comes to attacking.  Perhaps Delgado will be wide and Findley at the top? Maybe it’ll be something completely different form how the tweet punctuation suggests. We shall see. There’s definitely goals in this one for New England, let’s hope TFC can match them. Mainly though I guess we just pray that no-one gets hurt on the green monster.

Roti finished (Caribana!), Pessimism and beer (Red Stripe! Caribana!)in hand, it’s on to the match.

3′- Tea terrorist played in behind Jackson, who didn’t seem to notice the danger at first, but Bendik races out to clear the danger.

4′- Bendik comes out to head away another ball over the top, then does it again in the 5th minute, New England apparently have their game plan set.

6′-  A little bit of a break for TFC, Osorio does some fancy stuff but his shot is blocked.

Not a massive amount happening so far, TFC midfield is Cheyrou at back, Osorio left, Delgado upfront and Findley on the right.

13′- Ball through the defence after Findley coughs it up, Rowe’s shot is saved by Bendik. 20′- Revs Corner gets flicked on and a couple of deflections, goes out for another corner. That one bounces through the box but is then cleared.

23′- The Pink Torpedo has abandoned his pink! Vanney in just a white shirt.  All New England so far, but only the one save for Bendik.

25- Giovinco runs at Jeremy Hall, eventually Hall deflects his cross/shot for a corner. We need more of that matchup.  They play the corner short, then the ball’s crossed in and Findley heads just wide from about the penalty spot. Shot in the general direction of goal!

29′- Ball played behind TFC’s defence but wide, ball knocked back to the middle, Perquis and Kantari stand and watch, but it comes to nothing, at least Jackson tried to get back.

30′- Yellow Card: Goncalves gets his hand in and around Giovinco’s face, Seba goes down as if shot, Goncalves booked, Seba’s OK! Nothing really comes from the free kick, a header way over the bar from Perquis.

34′- Yellow Card: Davies running at the defence, Findley comes behind him and shoves him. Davies goes down easily, Findley booked.

35′- Goal: Free kick goes out wide, Rowe knocks the ball back towards the middle and Davies nips in at the near post to bundle it past Bendik. Revs 1-0 Reds

36′- Giovinco falls down, wins a free kick about 25 yards out, very central, Giovinco’s going to let someone else take it. I kid!  He went over the wall and to the near post, but a couple of feet wide.

39′- Red Card: Jozy Altidore. Goncalves climbs over Altidore going for the header. After he comes back down, Altidore blatantly kicks him, and gets a straight red. Great decision Jozy great decision.  He was the captain today!

43′- Penalty. From a free kick, Perquis hauls down Rowe in the box.

44′- Goal: Lee Nguyen goes left, Bendik goes to the other side. Revs 2-0 Reds.  This has all gone horribly wrong.

Half Time mood: Feeling bleak, we created nothing. For the most part neither did they so I guess that’s something. Sloppy defending of set pieces killed us. Altidore’s dumbassery doesn’t help.  Oh well, 2-0 down on the road, cue the comeback, that’s what we do right? Kantari hasn’t done anything noticeably wrong himself, but he hasn’t really brought great organisation to the defence.

46′ – Sub: Giovinco off for Jay Chapman. I’ll interpret that as Vanney giving up.  Vanney interviewed by James Sharman, and pretty much admits he’s giving up, saving Seba for the game on Wednesday.  OK then.

48′- Yellow Card: Kantari booked for an arm to the face of Davies as they both went up for a header. 51′ – Davies somehow (I’m not really trying any more, just like Vanney) got an open shot about 6 yards out but messed up and Bendik was able to just fall on the ball.

54′- Ooh we got a free kick 30 yards out. Not sure how. Cheyrou gets to take one with no Giovinco out there, curls it over the wall, and also way over the bar. Bah.

60′- Yellow Cards: Davies played though, Bendik comes out and gets the ball, then Kantari falls right on Davies. Not only is a foul called, but Bendik got a yellow for some reason. Then Perquis got one as well. For dissent.

61′ – Goal: Revenge comes quickly. Free kick into the box, touched on, and Davies completely unmarked about 4 yards out pokes it home as Kantari watches, Perquis meanwhile frozen to the penalty spot appealing for offside. It was close to offside, but I don’t think it was, but anyway play to the fucking whistle. Revs 3-0 Reds

63′ – Red Card: Jon Conway gets sent off, presumably for arguing Bendik’s case on the previous yellow. WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!

65′ – Sub: Lee Nguyen off, Teal Bunbury comes on. Oh good, that will make this night better.

70′- Sub: Davies off for Agudelo.  Also, Zavaleta on for Perquis. I missed that one. Not a good game for Perquis.

75′- Goal: Some nice passing down the right wing, especially from Marky Delgado eventually gets the ball to Osorio at the top of the box. He didn’t shoot right away, much to my chagrin, but with his 2nd touch he knocked it just inside the post. Lovely.  Revs 3-1 Reds

76′ – Warren Creavalle in for Cheyrou. Yay. At least he’s in midfield I presume.

83′- Some fanciness around the box from TFC, ends with an Osorio backheel that Morrow was totally not expecting and thus doesn’t get to.

87′ – Jermaine Jones does something mediocre. I mention this because, what? when did he come on? I’ve failed you.

3 minutes of injury time.

Full time Revs 3-1 Reds

Man of the Match: Jonathan Osorio. Why not? Was a good goal, and he looked quite good, mainly in the second half after the revs went to cruise control but still.

Goat of the Game: Jozy Altidore. Did nothing. Until he did that something.

Ref Rating : 3/5 The penalty was a bit soft, but most of the cards were good decisions. he didn’t cost us the game by any means.

I Know I’m Not The Gaffer But… :  As mentioned at the start of this, the formation change can’t really have helped, when was the last time Morrow played the same position 2 games in a row? Yes injuries don’t help, but it’s now 14 goals in 4 away games, which just outright shouldn’t happen. I’m sure he’ll blame individuals again. He wouldn’t be wrong, Perquis and Kantari weren’t great, Altidore was dumb, that certainly didn’t help, but still, take some ownership of your chaos.  Taking Giovinco off at half time, maybe that’s a good thing really, nothing was happening tonight, why not save him for wednesday.

In Case You PVR’d It : Delete. Watch the highlights and leave it at that.

Player Ratings : Bendik 5.5, Morrow 6, Perquis 3.5 (Zavaleta n/a), Kantari 4.5, Jackson 6.5, Cheyrou 6 (Creavalle n/a), Osorio 7, Delgado 7, Findley 4.5, Giovinco 4.5 (Chapman 6), Altidore 3

Well that was a shitshow wasn’t it. Nothing going on up front when it counted, though in the second half, when the game was done, Osorio, Delgado and Chapman did some very nice things in midfield, good passing between them and a great build up and shot for the goal.  Jackson looked lively going forward, did some goosd things, didn’t do any bad things at the back and at least looked like he was trying unlike Perquis and Kantari who were lackadaisical with calamitous results way too often.  Set piece defending was criminal really, especially on the 3rd goal.  Yes we’ve scored a lot of goals cos there’s talent up front, but bloody hell, the bit that the coaches can have an impact on, the organisation, the defending, it’s been a shitshow recently. Here’s an idea for you Leiweke, if you’re upset that this new rule didn’t work for you to be able to sign another expensive player, go out and make yourself feel better by splashing out for a good coach.

Not a good night in the race for 6th. Montreal, New Jersey, Orlando, New England and DC all win, at least Columbus, Philly and New York lose along with our hapless reds. We’re now only one point ahead of Orlando in 7th. Ah well, only 4 more away games left after that, we’ve generally been much better at home so I’m still confident of  a playoff spot, who knows what could happen from there.


Author: Duncan Fletcher

Blogging journeyman formerly of Cruel Geography and Waking the Red, also briefly with Sportsnet and every now and then with the Guardian. As a supporter of Darlington, TFC, England and Canada, football's been unfair and poking fun at Duncan for decades now, so it's only fair he does the same right back at it. Follow him on twitter @duncandfletcher

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  1. My heart sank when I saw who was in the midfield and it foretold what did happen in the game. Osorio and Cheyrou could not carry the load. Actually Cheyrou, has lost some of his early season luster and without Warner, Giovinco could not be sprung and same for Altidore. Speaking of Altidore, I wonder if Goncalves had been congratulating him on the Gold Cup performance to earn such a response from Jozy, a real head scratcher.

    Despite being outplayed the Reds could have walked away with a draw. If the Reds get some calls their way the score line could have been different. Chris Penso has been attending the Ted Unkel How to Call a PK workshops and the Baldomero Toledo How to Flip a Card seminar.

    I thought Jackson could have been the MotM.

    I will be looking for Chapman to have a crack at the net in the future. He works himself well off the ball and got a line of the net but the confidence and timing isn’t there and he cutback several times.

    Delgado needs to start another scoring streak.

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    • agree that cheyrou’s not looked as good recently, and that Jackson had a great game.
      Altidore, it’s all very jermain defoe, good start interrupted by injury, came back maybe a bit too soon so still not fully fit, add in the international disappointment of being dropped halfway through the gold cup and here he is making bad decisions. hopefully his funk doesn’t take over his entire season like defoe’s did.

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      • oops. silly wordpress logged me out, that was me.

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  2. Finally a game I can comment on the nuts and bolts of it rather than looking at the score and wondering why the defence was given passing marks after conceding 2+ goals!

    Observation the first: Bendik is not and never was the problem with this team, it could have been 5-6 without him.

    Perquis at $800k+ is a joke! This was the guy they thought was going to replace Caldwell during the off-season?! Kantari is the guy they think is now going to replace Caldwell?! He may be a physical presence but good luck getting either of them to run that back 4. They don’t need a fancy name or even a brilliant centre back, they just need some that can organize it.

    If Williams can get his head around his position, his physical tools mean he may be the solution they’ve been looking for as a right back but I have my doubts that he has the football smarts to play the role as Vanney sees it.

    Cheyrou was always going to tire as the season went on, that’s not a criticism of him, it was just inevitable. The travel in this league plays a big part in that, maybe the backloaded home games can give him the rest he needs to get back to form again.

    If you can get 3-5 good games from your backups in this league, you’ve picked some good ones (depending on salary). You can’t rely on them for much more than that otherwise you’re in trouble.

    That decision to trade Oduro so they could bring in Findley is working wonders!!

    Send Jozy on vacation for a week or so with his training plan. Things are clearly getting to him right now and a break might get him back on an even keel (why oh why was he the captain?! That’s a trick question, because everyone knows this club is all about Captain Americas!)

    The lack of discipline throughout the club is starting to manifest itself through more than the on-field organization.

    The Canadian kids in the second half may have been the only consolation to take from the game for you

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    • Captain Americas, like the Leafs were?

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      • the Leafs weren’t turning into a farm team for US olympic hockey. Kessel is an elite player, not a single American at Toronto FC is

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