Episode 479 – 24/01/29 #HappyBirthdayOprah

The gang is here to discuss the messy breakup of Canada Soccer Business and MediaPro, and try to unravel what this means to supporters, talk Priestman’s new contract, some TFC kit leaks, TFC preseason vs Nashville and the usual malarkey. In this episode Duncan wants to launch a Canadian version of a classic British game show, Mark will sign all the NDAs going forward and Kristin summons the genius of DMath to save us all.

Show Rundown

  • Segment 1: What’s been happening (7m06s)
  • Segment 2: What we’re talking about (14m17s)
  • Segment 3: What’s coming up (59m18s)

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Author: Mark Hinkley

Mark is a full-time graphic designer, full-time smart ass and full-time logo, stadium and kit nerd. When he isn't writing ridiculous match reports or redesigning logos for his own amusement, he's salivating over the day that promotion and relegation occurs in MLS. You can follow him @kitnerdmark on the twitterz.

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1 Comment

  1. Turns on the television…

    TV announcer, “NBC news with Tom Brokaw will be right back after these short messages.”

    Announcer as the theme to Night Rider plays,”This Sunday night, an all new Night Rider. A criminal mastermind is trying to get his hands on the gears of power of US Soccer. Has Michael Knight gotten into more than he bargained for?”

    Michael Knight sharply turning the steering wheel,”Can you take a direct hit, Kitt?”

    Kitt the car swerves as explosions detonate around him.

    Kitt the car,”They ignore the logic, and keep changing the rules.”

    Announcer,” The crime boss won’t stop until he gets his way. Only one man and his car stand in the way of his evil plans.”

    Kitt the car jumps over the stadium fence.

    Narrator,”So buckle up for action, Night Rider! Sunday at 8, 7 central.”

    Announcer as the theme of Miami Vice plays, “On the season premiere of Miami Vice, Crockett and Tubbs walk a fine line between two opposing forces. From the north a new gang has arrived and they have plenty to say.”

    Tubbs yelling at Crockett, shooting a gun from behind a Ferrari,”I think we just landed in a tourist trap!”

    Three sport cars burning rubber as they turn the crowded streets of Miami beach.

    Crockett as he steps on the gas,”Chasing these guys, I think we’re just spinning our wheels.”

    Tubbs,”Maybe, traffic lights mean a different thing up north.”

    Crockett in anger,”Well, I’m seeing red!”

    Announcer, “And from the south a billionaire that is shaking the streets of Florida. They have to choose a side before things blow up!”

    Crockett noticing the large crowd,”The natives are getting restless.”

    Tubbs,”The circus must be in town.”

    People jumping through windows, a huge explosion in an office building.

    Tubbs looking through police files, “Looks like this town has a new drug. Miami is going to get messy!”

    Announcer, “Catch the heat, on a all new Miami Vice this Friday night! With special guest stars from Vocal Minority.”

    Announcer as the theme of Unsolved Mysteries plays,”Tuesday night an all new Unsolved Mysteries.”

    Robert Stack appears in a trench coat in a dark alley,”Four Canadians gathered together for years to talk about soccer. Experts agree that it should of been impossible to last this long. One member vanished without a trace. Did they get to close to the truth? Did they unravel the mystery of soccer in Canada? In their pursuit of the answers, did one of them open the wrong door and went through another dimension? Or through a black hole… that is Canadian soccer. Or locked himself in a broom closet. Perhaps viewers like you can help solve this case.”

    Announcer,”Unsolved Mysteries, the unexplained, wanted criminals, fraud, and more. Stories that will chill you to the bone and fire the imagination with the shocking truth. Only on NBC!”

    Announcer, “Get ready for NBC’s prime time shows! Don’t touch that dial. We got that all and more this new year. NBC, where the stars shine the brightest! New episodes of ALF, A Team, Matlock and The Cosby Show….”

    ….changes channel, alnost forgot Tiny Talent Time is on now!

    Must I wait through commercials? Jello Pudding Pops!? Damn you BIll Cosby!? Must you ruin everything?!

    By the way, according to the internet… not only is it Duncan’s birthday but…

    It’s National Bubble Wrap Day, Freethinkers Day, Curmudgeons Day, National Corn Chip Day, National Carnation Day

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