Kit Nerd Corner : Seattle home & away

Disclaimer : I care and because I want to.

Seattle home


In a nutshell : boring and uninspiring

seattle-home-2015Oh Seattle, you don’t deserve this snoozefest.  You’ve been given some really nice home kits over the years, but this one doesn’t do anyone any favours.  Perhaps this is a test to see if the “Best Fans In The League”TM are gullible enough to buy anything.

Sure, the blue still looks awesome with the green but there isn’t enough of it.  Too much of this green looks like an old school keeper’s kit. And I see you guys got the embossed pinstripes  like Toronto did, and the similar cuffs of Columbus.  Outstanding (that was sarcasm, sorry).  If they found a way to make the green less overwhelming, it wouldn’t be a half bad kit. Maybe thicker blue stripe at the bottom, or even an all blue collar.

Seattle away


In a nutshell : boringer (I know it’s not a word, and I don’t care) and uninspiringer (also, still not a word)

seattle-away-2015OK, let’s see if I can stretch out one word into a paragraph. That green a poor trim colour.  Especially against the white. This super ordinary kit also has much thicker and sparse embossed vertical stripes in the fabric.  Effectively this is a pallet swap of the home kit, but a simple improvement would been just doing the inverse of the home.  Switch the green to blue, and the blue to green.  Nope, let’s do white. MOAR WHITE JERZEES!!!

Sorry. I just don’t get it.  This is boring.  If this was strict fashion, take away the ad and the badges, would you shell out $80-120 for this?  A white shirt with some lime green bits?  No?  How about $8-12? Still no?  Exactly.

Get if : you ruined your old Seattle kits.  Any of them.  Including that electric blue one but except that grey one.

Author: Mark Hinkley

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