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In a nutshell : Black sleeves with sublimated hoop pattern

The inside collar says : nothing yet
The outside back collar has : All for One
The jock tag position has : metallic maple leaf
The sleeve has : nothing yet

Compared to previous kit : Change is good

Courtesy of RealSports

Off-coloured sleeves and hoops?! It’s like they heard me…

OK, maybe not at the same time, but this plays right into my wheelhouse. Toronto FC’s new kit offering is a departure from last season’s safe-but-traditional-but-classy embossed pinstripes. The dark grey is still the predominant trim colour, featuring within the v-neck collar, the Adidas stripes in the top of shoulder area with full on dark grey sleeves with red cuffs. Top it off with dark grey side panels, and you have a complete look.

Then there’s the polarizing pattern within the chest. So there’s the embossed hoops pattern which looks nice enough. If there was a “but” to be had, it’s the alternating between the clean horizontal stripes and the heathered horizontal stripes. I’m leaning towards like, but not necessarily love. It looks a bit “try hard”, the heathered look is Adidas’ new fashion step forward as it appears in two other kits.

It’s certainly different and unique.

Get if you : like modern looking kits, want something beyond traditional such as like hoops.

Author: Mark Hinkley

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  1. Thanks, I was waiting to hear your thoughts!

    I think it’s a pretty good looking kit and the first I might buy since their 2009 home jersey with the weird grey bars near the armpits. Looks like a good shirt that you can wear not just at a soccer game too.

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