South Couch Report : Philadelphia v Toronto

Philadelphia Union as the Atoms

Philadelphia Union as the Atoms

One game win streak! Hottest club in MLS!  Altidore for MVP!

Sometimes I just can’t help it.  Sometimes it just writes itself.

This is the final game of the club made for TV as next weekend is a home game.  I miss going out to the park.  Misfit football at times, but I love game day.  It’s almost here.  But now, the last away game of the beginning of the season.

Joe “Joebergine” Bendik is injured and that means the first start for Konopka.  He’s been with the club for a while so hopefully our caveman will have a strong start and drag club by hair to keep clean sheet.

Philadelphia wearing their natural club colours of white. Seriously, why have badges and colours if clubs never wear their home kits at home.

Vic Rauter on the call.  We should set a bounty for Rauter to yell “Mobilio!” on any goal.  Pay him out when he does it.

Onto the match!

10′ –  Centurion Morgan tears down the left and rolls a great ball into the box for Jackson but he slips and blows the first chance.  Giovinco gets on a rebound but two big saves by Philly’s McCarthy

17′ – Konopka run and make save. Konopka kick ball.  Counter attack gets to Cheyrou who floats a pretty ball to Altidore but was offside somehow.

35′ – GOAL – free kick from 25 yds out, Giovinco tucks it over the wall and around the post, out of the keeper’s reach.  That’s nanners.

39′ – Findley got a header at goal.  Good for the invisible guy!  He missed but nice to see him participate.

45+1′ – Maidana takes a long header from midfield, takes a touch and launches a blast that beats Konopka but not the crossbar.

Halftime Mood: Promising.  Far from perfect and Philadelphia isn’t very good, but they’re making changes and there is some creativity.

66′ – This has been an entertaining second half so far.  Giovinco just threaded a ball past 3 defenders, almost perfectly weighted, but the ball gets pounced upon by McCarthy before Bradley could make contact.

Quote of the Match

He’s gotta get back. Hurry. Hurry!

~ Vic Rauter on curling football

72′ – SUB – Creavalle comes on for the hobbling Jackson

73′ – Giovinco gets a nice pass into his path from Altidore but then hits the Turf easily.  Cmon Seba, don’t be like that.

76′ – SUB – Warner in for Findley

79′ – There’s a bullet dodged.  Free kick finds Aristeguieta behind Perquis who heads it past Konopka but the flag was up.

89′ – SUB – Giovinco comes off for Zavaleta.

6 min of extra time

Huh? I guess…

90+5′ – Altidore is getting abused for the last five minutes as Philly desperately tries to find a way.

Full Time : Philadelphia 0, Toronto 1

Man of the Match : Altidore was a terror today.  Not taking anything away for Giovinco who had a great game, and Bradley looked great, but I gotta go with Jozy.  Well done getting dirty.

Goat of the Game : none.

Ref Rating : 4 out of 5

I Am Not The Gaffer But… : I’ll letcha have this one.

In Case You PVR’d It : Do the whole thing.  It was end to end most of the match.

Admittingly, there might have been plenty to write about with each opportunity, but after the third moment in a row, I stopped trying and waited for the high level stuff… How is it Philadelphia has played 10 games and Montreal only 4? What a stupid league… Morgan had a very solid game. Glad he’s a centurion now. One of the few who have played for this club and tried to bust his ass every single game. It would be a shame for Toronto FC to not honour him at the home opener.  I know some of you front office people read our drivel and listen to our whinging so here’s a freebie: THIS WOULD BE A SINCERE MOMENT so don’t mess it up and don’t miss it.  It should be more than a video, and less than a statue so you’ve got wiggle room… Vic Rauter has some really awesome Rauterisms tonight on the TSN broadcast.  He memorized where every player was born and raised, what schools they went to.  I hope I’m alive and watching when his director asks him to “stall for time” because he’ll just be showing off… Almost feel bad for Philly.  Unlike Toronto, where they have an idea what they want to do but not sure how to do it, they look like they have no idea at all… Konopka play good.  Konopka punch ball and Konopka swat ball.  Near end, Konopka almost punch Aristeguieta. Next game, Konopka start goal and fire… If Toronto somehow smash Houston on Sunday, it’ll be the hottest ticket in town again. Bring on the toursists!…  Perquis looks like Dolph Lundgrin had a kid with Gordon Ramsay.  Until there’s a DNA test disproving this, I’ll believe it to be fact.

Player Ratings : Konopka 6, Morgan 6.5, Perquis 6, Hagglund 6, Morrow 6, Bradley 6.5, Findley 5.5 [Warner N/A], Cheyrou 6.5, Jackson 6 [Creavalle N/A], Giovinco 7 [Zavaleta N/A], Altidore 7

Author: Mark Hinkley

Mark is a full-time graphic designer, full-time smart ass and full-time logo, stadium and kit nerd. When he isn't writing ridiculous match reports or redesigning logos for his own amusement, he's salivating over the day that promotion and relegation occurs in MLS. You can follow him @kitnerdmark on the twitterz.

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  1. Union did reel the Reds in, in this game. It is just Philly could not score a goal legally.

    I was not: sure what to make of Altidore’s inability to pull away from the CB’s on numerous occasions and get a shot on net, let alone a goal.

    Vanney’s packed defense in the our box, was a little too packed. Union players on the wing could have laid the supper table before laying in the cross.

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  2. Rauter with “Mobilio”? How about get more bang for your buck with “Peschisolido”!

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