South Stand Report : Toronto v Orlando

Orlando City meets Miami Gatos

Orlando City meets Miami Gatos

It’s a beautiful day for footy.  Better than the last 5 matches I’ve been to anyways.  Toronto is coming off a confusing sloppy whopping from Boston Minutemen or whatever they’re called.  Doesn’t matter.

Orlando somehow beat Columbus over the weekend.

You know what, I don’t care about the before right now. I’m in my seats, it’s shaded, 20C, I’ve had some Mexican, just gimme a passable footy match and I’ll be very content.

Onto the Match!

7′ – Giovinco gets hacked down from behind.  Only a yellow for the guilty party.

11′ – PENALTY – Giovinco hauled down on the far left

12′ – GOAL Giovinco goes far left, out of the reach of Hall

17′ – GOALBoden gets the ball 20 yards Center and has a go.  Bendik get a palm to it, but can’t get enough of the ball.

20′ – Delgado takes a ball from Osorio and rifles one just wide of the far post

29′ – Jackson floats a ball over the penalty area and Delgado flies in and just misses it.  He’s working hard tonight

42′ – Giovinco gets on the end of a wonderfully threaded pass but Hall was out to cut Seba off from doing damage.

56′ – GOAL Giovinco from 20 yards out goes far side and banks it off the post and in.  Hall could do nothing but watch and hope

61′ – Osorio slides a beautiful ball through the penalty area and Warner gets on it and de Guzman’s the shit out of it.

72′ – SUB – Chapman for Findley, and only 71 minutes too late

74′ – YELLOW – Cheyrou got into a weird shoving match.

81′ – GOAL – Cheyrou short corner to Osorio who loses his marker and pokes a laser through the box to Warner who buries it and the south end goes nuts

82′ – SUB – Zavaleta on for Perquis

87′ – SUB – Warner off for Lovitz, who earns a nice round of applause

89′ – GOAL Giovinco gets a massive long ball to the right side and darts in, draws in a defender and pops the ball over Hall.  Hat trick city and a legend.

3 mins of extra time


Man of the Match : Giovinco

Man of the Match Who Isn’t Giovinco : Osorio

Goat of the Game : Findley because Findley

Ref Rating : 4 out of 5, wasn’t perfect but was fair and didn’t fall for much

I’m Not The Gaffer, But… : I would have waived Findley, nevermind playing him.

In Case You PVR’d It : Fun game.  You might want to save the whole thing.

Kit-Spotting : Wacker Innsbruck 100 anniversary away.  Go ahead.  Beat that, crowd (hat tip to the wife who spotted it).

Osorio had a great game.  He wasn’t hesitating or taking that extra touch with his ball control before shooting, he’d just fire and forced Orlando to make some desperate tackles to stop him.  Solid, creative passing, and beating his marker on the short corner was just nanners.  Well done Jonno!… Collin wasn’t nearly as villainous as hoped, but still a pain.  Wanted to see him booked, even if it were for sins of the past… As amazing a performance as Giovinco had, it should be said that Orlando’s defense was very brutal.  The last goal Giovinco scored had been in the cards for most of the second half – him lurking away from the last defender, wait for the long ball and chase it down.  Orlando didn’t learn from the half-dozen attempts BEFORE he scored, so they deserved to be punished… Findley #BringBackDike #WaivedTheWrongOne. I don’t understand how any of the coaching staff has confidence in this guy. His control is suspect, his tactical awareness is absent and lacks any aggression. I suppose if you ignore these traits, he’s a perfect player in all other aspects, which doesn’t leave much… It was a perfect night for football, and a great football match. Was so happy, didn’t even care about the idiots in the GO Train tunnel who smack the aluminum panels as if they’ve never been in public before. Haven’t left the ground feeling like that in years.  I want more of it now… Props to the supporters banner supporting District Ultras. I don’t know the details, but I can guess it involves an ownership group wanting too much control over supporters that they believe “are out of control”.  Even if I’m wrong, very classy.  Well done.

Player Ratings : Bendik 6.5, Morrow 7, Kantari 6.5, Perquis 6 (Zavaleta N/A), Jackson 7, Cheyrou 6.5, Osorio 7.5, Warner 7 (Lovitz N/A), Delgado 6.5, Giovinco 10, Findley 5.5 (Chapman N/A)

Author: Mark Hinkley

Mark is a full-time graphic designer, full-time smart ass and full-time logo, stadium and kit nerd. When he isn't writing ridiculous match reports or redesigning logos for his own amusement, he's salivating over the day that promotion and relegation occurs in MLS. You can follow him @kitnerdmark on the twitterz.

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  1. entertaining game, sad I missed it.

    fun to see Collin so tormented by giovinco, get too close? penalty, give hom space? goal. fun. main question though, where the hell is orlando’s right back in that situation.

    anyway, good to see another of giovinco’s predictable free kicks go in, I guess as long as enough of them do then why not just let him keep taking them and do the same thing every time.

    aside from him, perquis again looking like a bit of a disaster waiting to happen, he’s suspended for saturday, i would love it if kantari and zavaleta or whoever do really well and Perquis doesn’t get back in the team right away. was a good booking to take though, hefty physical challenge on Larin, letting him know he was there, good old fashioned reducer, I won’t complain about that (other then the fact it was larin he abused).

    Jackson again did good things going forward, if not looking entirely comfortable at the defending side of things.
    entire midfield looked good. cheyrou back to his best with some nice little turns and shimmies to creat space and some great passes from that space. osorio and delgado looked good as well, warner was competent and earned a lucky goal.

    bendik did some good things, but would probably want that goal back, better to just save it and hope for the best with a rebound rather than try push it round the post when it’s that central of a shot.
    findley was useless again.
    all in all an alright game, probably just deserved a win, which seba then turned into a rout, vanney’s lucky to have him.

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    • Jackson’s name is in the bucket with Creavalle, Findley and Moore as possible trade material today. I think Jackson was quite good on defense and I would be sad to see him go.

      That second goal from Giovinco forced the OC line-up to open up and expose their own wings.

      There wasn’t enough in the Orlando line-to help Larin. While, Warner made the diamond go.

      One of the players to come running in like a dog to a bone, in that Cheyrou shoving match, was Perquis.

      Hey, offsides are back in the MLS rulebook.

      GolTV has been promoting their Bundesliga coverage with this out of place 60’s/70’s era lounge jazz.

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      • I agree that I would not like to see Jackson go. Please trade Findley though, he is pretty bad. Even when Altidore is out, I would prefer to see someone like Jay Chapman get the start ahead of Findley.

        But back to Jackson – he has really proven to be a good depth player this season, and now with a few starts in a row he does not look out of place in the squad. Last night he consistently found tons of time and space on the right side to send in crosses. Too bad Altidore wasn’t there, because a tall guy in the middle might start to take advantage of those.

        Maybe it was Orlando’s poor defending that allowed Jackson to have that much space, but he is a tricky player who can also work his way around guys too. I don’t mean to gush so much about him, but he looks much better than last season, and maybe maturity has something to do with it. He looks more patient to wait for a good opportunity, and less prone to dumb challenges.

        Tim B. mentioned something about the squad’s depth during a half-time interview, and I think that Vanney has been doing a good job getting the better depth players into the lineup lately – Jackson, Delgado, Chapman, and Lovitz. Sure, the injuries and international duties have forced this somewhat, but it’s good to see that there are players on the bench that can come in and make an impact, or help hold down the fort to close out a win. Obviously things aren’t perfect, but after years of frustration things are finally looking good. Oh, and that Giovinco guy helps too 🙂

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        • depth players have definitely done better than expected, which was a major worry coming into the season. Morgan and warner have done well over a lot of games, zavaleta did alright for a while, delgado’s looked great these last few games, jackson’s done some good things, mainly as a sub, but not bad as a starting rb these last games, though I wouldn’t like to see that experiment continue and really tested by a good team, if Morgan’s fit, I’d rather see him.

          Given Caldwell barely played, and we’ve missed a lot of bradley and altidore, and perquis is turning out to not be as good as hoped, we’ve adapted better than I would have thought.

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  2. “They said get back honky cat”

    Watford is back in the EPL! At least, for this year.

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  3. Wow, TFC traded Warren Creavalle to Philly for a 2nd round draft pick! That’s pretty surprising – despite the flack we’ve all given Creavalle, I still think he had some interesting skills and was a decent midfield option off the bench. I guess the other depth players we discussed yesterday have climbed above Creavalle on the depth chart.

    I’m guessing the team is busy freeing up roster and cap space to make another signing before the trade deadline comes. Hope to hear some more news soon!

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  4. OK that was quick. Any chance they can add another defender before the day is done too?

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    • you’d hope. Quite like the gomez signing. not as good as you first think, more of a sub/backup than impact first teamer, but better than findley/moore, good bit of depth.

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