The South Stand Report : Toronto v New England

New England Revolution as the Tea Men

New England Revolution as the Tea Men

After what can only be described as an “interesting” performance, Toronto is on a win streak. Moreso, they’re on a home win streak, and they’re unbeaten at home in their last 10 matches. I know, I’m shocked too, and I went to them all.

Not to be outdone, the Tea Terrorists TM road form isn’t anything special either, as they’re winless in their last 4 road games, with most recently earning a 3-1 loss to Orlando.

Bold Predictions

  1. Seba will have another freakout on pitch, as the pattern has shown
  2. The duo that is #ALLTITTS will bag at least a goal
  3. “The Real” Kamara will score and I will cheer because he’s a champion

On to the Match :

0’ – this lineup?

21’ – GOAL – corner kick is bounced around and falls back to Giovinco who buries it through traffic.

25’ – Chapman tries to mark his man on the left post and gets burned, and the ensuing shot beats Bono but Bradley clears it off the line. That’s good for 4 paragraphs in the press…

29’ – GOAL – the drum drum clap thing is rudely interrupted by Bloom making a great challenge for the ball on the wing, pops the ball to Giovinco who arcs it over the head of everyone and into the far left post. #notCool #kiddingTotallyCool

Half Time Mood : sure. I’ll take it. Hasn’t been overwhelming in favour of Toronto, but New England hasn’t done much of note.

And I’m still looking for a reason to name drop Fagundez.

60’ – Ricketts gets a lovely through ball, beats the keeper but just skins the outside of the post.

61’ – SUB – Jozy Altidore on the Ricketts. #ALTITTS

62’ – SUB – Chapman off for Delgado #CHAPADO #DoesntWork

63’ – “The Real” Kamara gets sent in and beats the keeper but not the offside flag. Very close but correct call.

76’ – Altidore lays a beauty off for Delgado, but instead passes back and no shot available

76’ – PENALTY – Osorio gets hauled down inside the box

77’ – GOAL Sebastian Giovinco hat trick!

79’ – SUB – Beitashour off for Ashtone Morgan

82’ – Bono comes up with a great low corner save after some redirection

84’ – After some crazy ball movement from Seba, finds 3 Robins ahead of him on the counter, passes off to Osorio, takes a few touches, passes to Morgan and tries to cut it back into the box low, but had no room and hits traffic. It looked like Osorio was upset at Morgan’s low pass into the box, but did anyone yell at Oso for waiting so long to make the pass towards the goal line?

88’ – GOAL – dammit. Alex Bunbury’s son scored.

3 mins of extra time

90+3’ – GOAL – Altidore takes a nice ball into the box and slots it calmly past the keeper. Well done.

Full Time : Toronto 4, New England 1

This is crazy.  4 wins in a row.  Most of which, very convincing.

Man of the Match : I’m torn between Bloom or Hagglund. Both played so well. #Seba

Goat of the Game : Can we really fault Williams for not marking Alex Bunbury’s son on that goal? Yes. Is it goat-worthy? In the grand scheme of things, no.

Ref Rating : 4 out of 5. Probably perfect but it’s Unkel Ted… he probably owes me for previous sore vocal chords.

I Am Not The Gaffer, But… : I was confused with Altidore for Ricketts, but given the utter bewilderment with the line-up, Vanney got it all correct.

In Case You PVR’d It : Enjoy it. The goals are fun.

Kit Spotting : Hertha Berlin home kit was sharp.

Bold Predictions Results

  1. Failed it. And a hat trick doesn’t count as a freak out.
  2. Nailed it. Almost got both, but I’ll take one #ALTITTS
  3. Failed it. Offside flag denied “The Real” Kamara

Osorio, just shoot. Get a confidence. You don’t need some, one confidence should do it… Second goal felt like it was missed by a large number of people in the crowd as they were too occupied with being part of the drum-drum-clap thingie. You do you, supporters, but it was amusing… Altidore of pre-injury infamy looks pretty much dead now. Two or three excellent substitute performances really feels like that’s well behind us. Curious to see what 60+ minutes looks like… New England, you’ve trolled me too much tonight. First off, you bring on Alex Bunbury’s disappointment of a child (my words, not his), then sub off Fagundez, then sub off “The Real” Kamara, then Bunbury’s kid scores. I can’t take it. I’m very disappointed in you. You went TOO FAR TONIGHT!!!… Has anyone at the games operations actually spent 90 minutes sitting near the drums at the top of 118? I see more annoyed faces than pleased ones and I’m not a fan of yelling to my neighbour just to have a conversation. I feel like if a TFC staffer endured the 90 minutes, they’d ask “why” many times over. If they have so much to offer, put them in the north end, mic them, and pipe it in over the tannoy at a reasonable level so everyone isn’t deafened and can “enjoy” their contributions as ambiance, because, where we sit, there’s absolutely nothing ambient about it.

Player Ratings : Bono 6.5; Williams 6, Moor 6.5, Hagglund 7, Beitashour 6.5 [Morgan N/A], Bradley 6.5, Bloom 7, Chapman 6 [Delgado N/A], Osorio 6, Ricketts 6.5 [Altidore 7], Giovinco 10

Unused Substitutions : Roberts, Morrow, Endoh, Babouli

Author: Mark Hinkley

Mark is a full-time graphic designer, full-time smart ass and full-time logo, stadium and kit nerd. When he isn't writing ridiculous match reports or redesigning logos for his own amusement, he's salivating over the day that promotion and relegation occurs in MLS. You can follow him @kitnerdmark on the twitterz.

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