THE STARTING 11: Other TFC # 1 Needs

Giving us the finger since 2007

Giving us the finger since 2007

Clint Eastwood! That guy’s famous! Clint Irwin is MLS famous so that’s cool too. Just when the search for a # 1 goalkeeper started getting hand-wringingly anxious, TFC pulled off a sweet little deal that saw Mr. Irwin take his place in The Reds’ goal. A good deal in most eyes but while this “# 1” necessity has been taken care of, TFC still has a few more to go…
11. # 1 Assistant Regional Cap Wonker

10. # 1 Turf Paint Remover

9. # 1 Trophy

8. # 1 Timbits Kid Wrangler

7. # 1 Shirt Pinkener

6. # 1 Pyrotechnics Presser

5. # 1 Hawk Tickler

4. # 1 Canopy Duster

3. # 1 Jam on the Soul/RnB/Football Chant Charts

2. # 1 Future Ex-manager

1. # 1 Expectation Fluffer/De-Fluffer

Author: Tony Walsh

Tony Walsh is a writer, former minor-league broadcaster and failed astronaut. Born into supporting an underachieving football club only to end up supporting a second underachieving football club - through what must be deemed as soft immigration policies - he continues to make terrible life choices. Walsh is a keen observer of the malarkey-rife sport of football and is considered one of the leading voices on the Collin Samuel Obesity Epidemic.

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  1. Fireworks Coordinator! Must have some understanding of home and away goals in football.

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