VMP Final Countdown: Number 16 – Herculez Gomez

fc2015c-16Highest Ranking: 8

Lowest Ranking: 22

Average Ranking: 15.11

Mark: 12 When Toronto FC made some deals to be the first in line to sign Herculez Gomez, there were more than a few eyebrows raised.  Now out of favour in Mexico, Herculez re-entered the MLS fold and… ultimately found himself out of favour in Toronto.  One of the more ‘head scratching’ moves, Herculez joined the club in August and received very limited playing time. Not without highlights, he scored the goal that put them into the playoffs and Vic Rauter excitedly called his name while handling the ball, which was television gold.

Duncan 18. Not quite sure why he barely ever played, definitely one of the more curious things in this season. He provided 2 good moments. First, the initial few minutes after his signing, full of memories of him looking very good for Santos Laguna, thoughts of him as an ex USMNT player and a successful player in Mexico and thinking ‘holy shit, this’ll be good’. Unfortunately a quick look on wikipedia brought the excitement down a notch, but still has to be an upgrade over Findley right?  Then of course that goal against New York, historic, playoff clinching and a very good bit of finishing to take advantage of an error after a long and lonely game of battling as a lone forward and not seeing much of the ball. Quite what he did to Greg Vanney to barely ever make it off the bench and into the starting xi is a mystery. Entertaining and much more interactive and responsive on twitter than your regular athlete so that’s a plus.

Tony: 18. “OMG WE SIGNED HERCULEZ GOMEZ!” Then nothing. What was the reasoning if you didn’t plan on using him? But you start Findley?

Kristin: 17 Herculez! One of the most expensive bench warmers ever. So much for heroes of song and story.

Mark HSV 15. He didn’t get to play much for some reason, but he looked good when he did play. Why splash cash for a big name if you don’t intend to play him? I hope he is the first option off the bench in a striker position next season. Get rid of Moore and Findley.

Yelling at soccer 13 Only so high because of that goal… Also probably tried to bang Vanney’s wife leaving him on the bench. PROVE ME WRONG

TC St Clair 11. Short term member, put in a key goal, with three shots taken, two on target. Super sub and the best forward outside of our starters.

Jordylike 15. Maybe we signed him and then intentionally barely played him as revenge for those Santos games. Only explanation I have.

Jason Anderson 8. This is true: I promised to help him move to DC if United had signed him.

Ben Bromley 14. Unfortunately, it might just be over for Herc.

Alex Lach 22. A high price signing that brought some flair to TFC’s attacking third however at times was misused.

Mike Newell 20. Scored one goal, but it was a big one on a big night, pretty much the only reason he’s not near the bottom of the list. Next season will be the proper time to judge him.

Matt Goshert 8. Does he deserve to be ranked this high? I don’t know, he’s American so I’ll give it to him.

Enrico S 13. His off field contributions might be better than his on field ones. Both get trumped by his Twitter cntributions

Aaron Bennett: 14. Herk was a great addition. He didn’t play much this year. I found him to be very aggressive. Fighting for every 50/50 ball. Not much more we can ask.

 Number 17: Robbie Findley

Number 15: Eriq Zavaleta

Author: Mark Hinkley

Mark is a full-time graphic designer, full-time smart ass and full-time logo, stadium and kit nerd. When he isn't writing ridiculous match reports or redesigning logos for his own amusement, he's salivating over the day that promotion and relegation occurs in MLS. You can follow him @kitnerdmark on the twitterz.

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  1. Looks like Gomez will be back next season, but did you guys see whose options weren’t picked up? Bendik, Konopka, Jackson and Aparicio. Also Findley’s contract is expiring. So some changes are coming! (unfortunately Luke Moore and Kantari are still under contract). The rest of the squad remains the same.

    I wonder if TFC will try to get any of these players back through the re-entry draft on a lower salary. I certainly still like Jackson, but maybe they see him as too expensive for a depth midfielder, when they can utilize guys like Delgado, Chapman and Lovitz more.

    The crazy thing is that they have a ton of defenders under contract, but maybe only 2 that you could consider to be regular starters (and that depends on your opinion of Perquis). I really hope that Mark Bloom is healthy and regains his decent form. He should be a starter if he can play how he did last season. But they certainly need cover at RB and at least 1 quality CB.

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    • Yeah this is the new “blitz” formation, there is no GK. You just outscore your opposition. Seriously, Roberts can be a backup, but I guess TFC will be searching for a front line ‘keep over the winter.

      I hope Manning is applying the appropriate pressure on Bez and Vanney to rebuild the defense. Jettisoning the aforementioned players would not be exactly what we would expect in a rebuild, but I await the rest of the story.

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