THE STARTING 11: Other TFC Decision Day Decisions


Did you decide? What did you decide?! Were you decisively decisive? Well it’s too late for regrets, MLS Decision Day – possibly their best work in the hyperbole field – has come and gone. While the religious holiday mostly pertains to playoff implications, there have been some other less prominent TFC decisions made over the last ten years…

11. GREG VANNEY: “Salmon or coral?”

10. MAXIM USANOV: “Punch horse?”

9. DANNY CALIFF: “Should I give up smoking for vaping?”

8. ADRIAN CANN: “What should I name abs 2 through 5?”

7. MAXI URRITI: “Should I lease this Toronto condo for 4 or 5 years?”

6. KEVIN PAYNE: “I need to choose one line that will enamour me to the supporters yet be forgotten quickly. Hmmmm…”

5. RAIVIS HSCANOVICS: “Oh this is awkward – should I run over and massage De Ro’s shoulders to distract people?!”

4. NICK SOOLSMA: “Follow Aceval into this bar or not?”

3. PAUL MARINER: “Shorts, culottes or capris?”

2. MISTA: “Run to the airport with a suitcase bursting with money or a comedy sack with a “$” sign on it?”

1. COLLIN SAMUEL: “White meat, dark meat or cake meat?”

Author: Tony Walsh

Tony Walsh is a writer, former minor-league broadcaster and failed astronaut. Born into supporting an underachieving football club only to end up supporting a second underachieving football club - through what must be deemed as soft immigration policies - he continues to make terrible life choices. Walsh is a keen observer of the malarkey-rife sport of football and is considered one of the leading voices on the Collin Samuel Obesity Epidemic.

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  1. Something I don’t want to see – manpris on Mariner

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