THE STARTING 11: Other VMP Final Countdown Comments

To be fair, Mista-class isn’t easy

To be fair, Mista-class isn’t easy

It’s still The Final Countdown! It’s also still duh-do-dooo-do, duh-de-dooo-do-dooo. As the Vocal Minority year-end list draws to a close (Collen Warner’s in the top ten, let that sink in for a moment)we want to take the time to thank and acknowledge all those who volunteered both locally and across northern North America to make it what critics are calling “a year-end list”. High praise. What makes The Final Countdown so fun is of course the great comments that go along with the cruel, cruel rankings. While we did our best to get all of the comments to print (or whatever you call a webpage upload.) some fell through the cracks. Here then are some of the anonymous “other” comments not fit to page.

11. “I just threw 15 through 27 in the air and let gravity decide”

10. “Vanney converted him from an also-ran to a sorta-ran”

9. “Not quite Mista-class”

8. “I’m a student of year-end lists”

7. “Luke Moore + Robbie Findley = The # 11 Ranking”

6. “How much allocation can a #21 get?”

5. “I ranked the American players using the metric system. Tough.”

4. “Where do we rank our favourite Argos?”

3.  “The key word is: rank”

2. “You don’t like seven?”

1. “Is 28th out of 27th a thing?”

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